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Don't wait for problems before you call. You don't want to be off guard with a home a/c water leak, keep your systems up to code with a regular check. Preventative Maintenance can help keep your air conditioning system running in top condition for a lot less than repairs or a new system. Maintenance involves checking your system, repairing any leak, cleaning the coils, and changing the filters. Heating & Cooling tune up in Prosper, Tx and surrounding areas. We can help you spot problems before they become apparent and begin to affect the quality of the air your unit is putting out. Schedule a yearly preventative maintenance to help extend the life of your HVAC system. A well maintained unit can be more efficient for 95% of it's lifetime, compared to a poorly maintained unit, which can die out in half it's lifetime, so a well maintained unit is a good, long lasting unit. It is important to have a maintenance check every 6 months which makes sure everything is up and running right before the summer heats becomes unbearable for you and your family. THT can provide any information needed in regards to your HVAC health, even if you are not in our servicing area; then just search ac maintenance near me to begin your journey. Ensure you are ready for the changing weather of each season be prepared with an air conditioning pre season tune up!

Maintenance to your unit and system is like medicine for a human. It's better to maintain the health of your unit before anything malfunctions. Part of the THT Air Solutions  maintenance offers a 28 point inspection in order to diagnose any upcoming or current issues. Our inspection consists of the following:

⦁Checking and maintaining the thermostat ⦁Checking and maintaining air filters ⦁Take return air temperature ⦁Take supply air temperature ⦁Take and check amp draw of condenser motor ⦁Checking and maintaining condenser fan blades and hubs ⦁Inspect compressor ⦁Install Carbon Monoxide Detector ⦁Maintain Carbon Monoxide Detector ⦁Take and check amp draw of compressor ⦁Checking and maintaining heat pump’s operation of reversing valve ⦁Inspect the control board ⦁Inspect compressor contactor⦁ Load test on capacitor ⦁Checking and maintaining start device ⦁Checking and maintaining all fuses ⦁Checking and maintaining and Take refrigerant temp ⦁Checking and maintaining super heat ⦁Checking and maintaining sub-cooling ⦁Inspect indoor coil ⦁Inspect outdoor coil ⦁Inspect refrigerant line and arm flex ⦁Take amp draw of indoor fan motor ⦁Inspect blower wheel ⦁Inspect duct system ⦁Inspect air handler and furnace levels and support ⦁Check and flush drain line ⦁Inspect evaporator coil ⦁Check drain pan ⦁Checking and maintaining the system for proper code installation

Air conditioning pre season tune  up:

pre season  air conditioning  save a lot of  time , money .and discomfort
major part of tune up is a test the airflow , any air been restric ,air flow properly distribution,
pre season tune up  major part of freon delivery to the system.

Home a/c water leak:

During the summer season test a water condensate  drain lines
Required to maintenance the condensate line every year . so ceiling will be safe.
Code required to have a condensate safety switch install on the condensate  drain line.